A Legacy to Help

Our History & Purpose

Offering Hope

Kids Conquering Sickle Cell Disease Foundation is a non -profit 501 (c)(3)tax exemption organization based in Orlando, Florida founded by Delaun & Carla Lewis.

Carla & Delaun Lewis relocated to Central Florida from New York with their two daughters. Within months of their arrival they learned they were expecting a baby boy. Their hearts filled with joy as they prepared to welcome their newborn. Their handsome baby boy was born in 2002. Two weeks after his birth they received newborn screening results in the mail from the Department of Health. The results stated the presence of the sickle cell hemoglobin gene which required follow up testing. Upon results of follow up tests, their son was diagnosis with sickle cell disease.

Carla and Delaun Lewis had many questions and fearful thoughts with little knowledge about sickle cell disease. Through experiencing a lack of local support & resources, they learned that the Central Florida area was in need of information, outreach, support and resources for patients and families. At this time the vision of Kids Conquering Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc. was birthed to offer help & hope. The first step was the development of Sickle Cell Support Group in 2004 which met monthly at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. The support group provided support to children & adults, planned hospital visits, provided education and awareness sessions, planned activities, provided community referrals and information. Today Kids Conquering Sickle Cell is an achieved vision to further provide education & needed services to children and families living with sickle cell disease & other hemoglobin diseases.

Children enduring sickle cell disease need help to conqueror this illness as they strive to defeat the associated challenges. Kids Conquering SCD, Inc. is committed to assist the community to conqueror Sickle Cell and associated hemoglobin diseases!  Our mission will not be complete until a universal cure is found for sickle cell & other blood diseases.

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