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Young Adults living with sickle cell & chronic diseases are making a difference. We are committed to empowering emerging adults with resources to successfully accomplish milestones & goals!

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Access resources that can help you achieve your goals in education, employment, independent living & health.

Independent Living
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Education Resources

A quality education is key to future success. Explore your educational goals, whether they include a tech school, 2-year or 4-year degree, a Doctorate, or continued learning! The resources below include links to information about for paying for, preparing, and choosing higher education. Don’t forget to check out non-disability related college resources such as FAFSA, Best Colleges, My College Options, and National Association for College Admissions Counseling

Sickle Cell Warrior Featured: Andre Harris 2020 Mc Nair Scholar graduate of Fayeville University. Scholarship Awardee,  Sickle Cell Advocate &Public Speaker.

Employment Resources

People with sickle cell disease & other rare disease conditions are making incredible contributions in the workforce. Define your goals, update your resume and interview skills, and exploring general job-search resources, check out the links below for resources specific to job-seekers with disabilities. And remember, many jobs are found through networks, so don’t neglect conducting informational interviews!

Featured Sickle Cell Warrior: Musonda Mwilwa is a 28-year-old sickle cell anemia survivor who is based out of Zambia. She has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a medical doctor. Her story is featured in

Independent Living Resources

People with sickle cell disease & other rare disease conditions are making incredible strides living independently.  There are many components to living independently as a young adult, including accessible housing, financial education, and more. Your local Center for Independent Living can connect you to many services to support you. In addition, be sure to search for “Consumer Directed Services” in your state. For individuals with chronic conditions, finding, managing, and paying for personal care can be one of the greatest challenges to living on your own. The resources can help you coordinate your care.

Featured Sickle Cell Warrior: Tynisha Hall. Independent Living Warrior. College graduate, advocate, public speaker, & entrepreneur creator of Tynisha Collections.

Clinical Trials & Health Resources

Clinical trials & health resources are important for young adults. Children and young people may need different treatments from adults because they are at a different stage of development. It is important for warriors to know about treatment options such as medical marijuana, new medical treatments and clinical trials. Clinical trials in children are therefore essential to ensure they receive appropriate, safe and effective treatments and care. There are guidelines to protect children & young adults who take part in clinical trials. These resources can help you explore your options.

Featured Sickle Cell Warrior: Kyle Glarum. High School Graduate, college student, photographer & skilled worker. Kyle is currently a participant in a clinical trial.

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