Warrior Story - Angel W.

Defining Strength, Inspiration & Hope!

Affectionately called  Angel  (Angel Cilly Cell) in the world of Sickle Cell, is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 1.  She’s an Atlanta Ga. native. a singer, Songwriter, Author, Play writer, Talk Show Host, producer, Advocate for chronic diseases, Health/Wellness Coach, Certified Heredity Health Screener, Character creator, entrepreneur, designer, International Chaplain , Chaplain Practitioner and Activist she’s also currently in school to be a Certified Medical Assistant as well.

Introducing total health and divine healing, from experience,  to all who are ready to forsake illness.  She is a firm believer in God and his works.
Being a true testimony of Healing from Sickle Cell Disease, Angel has a great passion to see others totally healed. She has created several projects to advocate, support, educate, bring awareness, Hope, Health and Healing to different diseases.
Her forerunner is the “The Cilly Cell Project ” for Sickle Cell for the last 10 plus years. A few years in, the Lord spoke to her and said ” I didn’t call you for healing just for Sickle Cell Disease” so she begin to branch out to spread her gift of healing to others that were battling different sicknesses, Illnesses and diseases.
She remains very passionate about Sickle Cell and donates her birthday to people born with Sickle Cell in August of every year at her “Annual Angel Cilly Cell Birthday Bash”.
She recognizes her spiritual mom “Apostle Zoe Legette as being very instrumental to her healing  through her teachings at Kingdom Works international Ministries Training Center.

“I created a character for children and adults named “Cilly Cell”. I later wrote a children’s book featuring “Cilly Cell” as the Sickle Cell Educator in the book. The book is called “Jeffrey’s Story: A Time Of Sickle Cell Crisis” This book has been purchased all over the world by various parents and Sickle Cell Organizations including St. Jude Hospital. A few years later the Cilly Cell Costume was created and she has made School, Sickle Cell conferences and Sickle Cell camp Appearances in Atlanta, Memphis Tn and South Carolina etc.. Currently the 2nd addition of Jeffrey’s s Story is being released in September 2020 featuring “Super Cilly Cell” along with her new Tv Show “Super Cilly Cell N Friends” that will educate on Sickle Cell, healthy, eating, Healing and more!”

The herbal N CBD Cilly Cell LIP BALM was released in 2020 as well as the Crochet Cilly Cell Doll. Angel Cilly Cell Woods received her Doctorate in Theopathics from Mighty Warriors University. in June of 2020. She is also the talk Show Host of The Totally Healed Show that interviews people healed from various things including Sickle Cell. Her Talk Show went from radio blog talk Radio (2017) to securing her show and own channel on TAANTV {The African American Network) in 2020. Her shows will also be appearing on E-Line Media starting in September 2020. She has received other awards not mentioned.