Warrior Story- DeMitrious W.

Defining Strength, Inspiration & Hope!

DeMitrious W. is an advocate from Des Moines IA, who currently resides in Orlando FL. DeMitrious has Sickle Cell Disease type SS and has battled with the disease his whole life. Despite being in and out of the hospital with countless surgeries and blood transfusions, DeMitrious is a business owner and operator of Young Black and Talented LLC. With special services as a Personal Chef and Catering with “Your Best Taste Catering” in Orlando FL. DeMitrious is a man of many talents; with music in rotation on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon, expressing his life with Sickle Cell.

Some the the accomplishment DeMitrious has achieved are : Founder & Owner of Young Black and Talented LLC. 2007, Awarded Best Radio Personal 2007, Awarded Best PSA in Broadcasting Radio 2007, Created a Sickle Cell Documentary In 2015, Awarded for Service 2018 Kids Conquering Sickle Cell Disease Foundation, Sickle Cell Speaks Campaign 2019, Crowed SCCC Prom King 2019. National PSA for One Blood Blood Bank 2020 for COVID19. Feeding the Homeless in Orlando during Holidays through my Catering service “Your Best Taste Catering.”

DeMitrious states, “The greatest challenge I faced during treatment living with SCD is having to fight alone, doing everything on my own, fighting hospital stays, & discharge being sent home having to cook, clean, and take care of myself weak and no energy, still finding a way always made me Stronger!”

DeMitrious also advocates to increase the blood supply. There is a shortage of African American donors. It is vital that the community has supply of blood and COVID 19 has impacted donations. DeMitrious states, “We have been impacted by COVID 19 due to lack of blood donations, we need blood to be well and this pandemic has put a strain on blood drives and blood donations.”

DeMitrious also has an educational documentary on his battle with Priapism (a symptom in males caused by sickle cell) on YouTube titled “A Day In The Life Of A Sickle Cell Souljah: Priapism Edition”. DeMitrious plans to continue to be a voice for Sickle Cell and educate the world on the disease, while encouraging his fellow warriors to take care of themselves and keep fighting! “Pray without ceasing and have Faith, I Swear that’s all it takes. Never Give Up!”  -SCSouljah #SouljahStrong #Sickletember