Warrior Story of Hope- King S.

Defining Strength, Inspiration & Hope!

King S. was born a King but Forced to be a Warrior. King started his own clothing line called Warrior and KTF Foundation at the age of 10 years old. King has had local news stations that has shared his story reaching thousands of people on his journey. King has a proclamation in his home town of Cincinnati, Ohio June 3rd. He is a model and has done several fashion shows of his own brand as well as others. He has a team of models. King has done photo shoots that tell a story about Sickle through the lens of photography. King has a song called Warrior and working on the completion of the video, wrote and rapped by none other Robert Bouldin aka Razer. King has also appeared in a magazine talking about his Foundation and advocating, and bringing awareness about the illness of Sickle Cell. King has had the pleasure of meeting Yuself Salaam from the Exonerated 5, and worked with Boosty Collins’ wife Patti Collins on dental awareness. King has also appeared on WAIF-88.3 FM and WIZF the WIZ radio stations for bring awareness to Sickle Cell and illnesses as a whole.

The greatest challenges that King faces is school, some bouts of depression and or isolation. Not being able to be spontaneous as understanding what the weather may bring. The continuum of taking medication and hospital stays can be be overwhelming. Last but not least fighting with the very people within society about how serious this illness is!

COVID 19 has brought new changes for many people. For us the impact is different, as this is nothing new for us. The difference is the visual of others transferring over into our world of an ongoing pandemic when it comes to staying safe, within the realm of being and continuing to be healthy. As a Warrior and fighting for ones life daily.

The advice that we give is to know that a life given is very much purposeful to live. There is no limit, for the sky is endless and no man can give you a deadline. Allow your voice to be heard and your words count, for no one can tell your story but you. Always remember the test given will have no comparison to the Testimony told! WARRIOR 4 LIFE!!!