Warrior Story of Hope - Terryana T.

Defining Strength, Inspiration & Hope!

Terryana is 14 years old and she lives with sickle cell disease -SS. Terryana has experienced hospitalizations and she endures monthly transfusions to prevent a risk of a stroke.  Her mother is Thankful for her team of support which includes her grandmother, sisters, aunts, grandfather and friends. Her mother credits much of their support to Dr. Supthin  and the hematology of Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Despite health complications of sickle cell disease, Terryana does not let sickle cell define her. She enjoys fun times with her family and spending time with her friends. Her smile lights up a room and she wants to help other children that fight sickle cell when she grows older.

Words of advice Terryana wants to give to other warriors are, “Keep fighting and stay strong.”