Warrior Story Of Hope - Tynisha H.

Defining Strength & Hope!

Tynisha K. Hall 31 years old born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and resides in Atlanta, Ga. Tynisha is a graduate and proud alumnus of Delaware State University with a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism. She serves as the communications/community outreach director for Sickle International Family Coalition Inc., the new owner and CEO of Tynisha K Collection LLC. And serves in her community where she is on the media ministry at her church, a upcoming author, film writer, she is a mentor to girls with sickle cell disease throughout the country, and supports families of children with sickle cell. While in college she held many positions in leadership from treasure in RHA, Vice President Jenkins hall, Miss Mass Communications, Director of Production at the radio station and TV station where she helped bring in new ideas and new sets and created budgets and plans to get the equipment for the department.

One of her biggest prides were helping her infirmary on campus cater to the needs of sickle cell patients and speaking for those who didn’t want to speak up she knew she could be that face and voice for them. “I dedicate my time so I can raise awareness for sickle cell and help those with this disease go to college and be successful in completing college for post graduation is her goal when she goes out into her community.” Tynisha has served as college advocacy coordinator for Sickle International Family Coalition Inc., she was apart of the very first HBCU college tour presented with Bold Lips For Sickle Cell and Sickle Cell 101 and many other organizations and advocates who came out to support on each stop. Tynisha has presented senator Carper of Delaware with an award on behalf of the William E Proudford Foundation in Baltimore at the SCDAA convention, Sickle Cell activist at Kent General hospital in (Dover, DE.), she is a Sickle cell community consortium partner as well as new elected Secretary for the Sickle Cell Community Consortium, Sickle International Family Coalition senior video campaign manager, Sickle Cell Ambassador 2015, sickle cell camp new hope counselor which she enjoys giving back.

One of her many sayings are “I too have sickle cell and I’ve learned to have a voice now.” It has been ten years of advocating and traveling to speak across the U.S., with a passion to take that international. She proudly was apart of the first ever HBCU sickle cell college tour, and Tynisha has worked with many people in the sickle cell community who are positive activist and advocates. Tynisha knows this has helped her in several ways just to learn how to listen to the pain that so many say is invisible is really a pain that speaks volume. Tynisha says often to her fellow warriors, let your passion be your career whatever you may be interested in do that and turn it into a way for you to give back and you will be sure to be successful and learn the things in life that no classroom can teach you. My favorite quote is “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion” by W. Edward Deming.